我蠻喜愛的數位攝影師--Rod Klein,最近又有新文章,是談Lembeh Strait,文章內容不僅談到Lembeh的微距,更對此潛點的廣角攝影加以介紹,用另外的觀點來看Lembeh,頗值得參考。不過,我還是認為Lembeh應該一鏡到底,60mm或是105mm,免得錯失看到稀奇生物,但是卻攜帶廣角鏡的遺憾。

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他的其他文章 (推薦: Digital workflow/Fathoms Magazine,To RAW or not to RAW/Fathoms Magazine.....每一篇都值得細細反覆閱讀!)


CADiver said...

105, 105 :-) I bought a 60mm for the Komodo/Tulamben trip but for whatever reason, I just found myself ended up using the 90mm more. If I have the 105VR, it would be on my camera all time.
60mm would be more useful for Monterey cold green water or situation where I have to get closer to subject ... Next weekend, may be I will find something interesting to shoot w/ the 60mm (back in the cold water 12C) :-)

JennyHuang said...

12C....No way...!!

I will go to 西藏 next month..that's 5000 meter and 0C at night.


CADiver said...

Are you taking the train ?!
Dress warm & take lots of pictures !